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Elige tu plan de precios

  • Developer

    Plan gratis
    • Basic set of features
    • Single project/scan at a time/lines canned capped
    • Cloud-based solution
    • Community support
    • Basic reporting
  • Advanced

    Cada mes
     7 días de prueba gratuita
    • Essential suite of features
    • Limited projects/scans per month
    • Cloud-based solution
    • Integration with select pipelines and tools
    • Standard support
    • Reporting and dashboards
    • Monthly or annual subscription with fixed licensing options
  • Enterprise

    Cada mes
     7 días de prueba gratuita
    • Full suite of features
    • Unlimited projects/scans per month
    • On-premise solutions
    • Integration with existing pipelines and tools
    • Priority support
    • Customizable reporting and dashboards
    • Annual subscription with flexible licensing options
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